Our stallholders’ delightful personalities are the true gourmet ingredient behind the community atmosphere at Turra Produce!

Although there is nothing better than a visit to the market and a face-to-face chat, here is a sneak peek at these lovely people & their amazing products. 

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R & G Williams

Product – Free Range Eggs

Robin and Raewyn are the vibrant father and daughter duo that have been stalwarts of Turra Produce from its humble beginnings.

The free range eggs are Raewyn’s project: the sale of which helps her fund her way through uni.

Additional Products :

Cut Flowers

Garlic, Rhubarb, Finger Limes, Limes



Pettiford Pantry

Product – TAR 10 Sauces & Relishes

Another long-time stallholder; Russ will regale you with stories from his many travels and, on a good day, you may even catch him singing!

Russell sells the award-winning range of sauces and relishes that hail from the Hunter Valley’s TAR 10. The entire range is gluten and preservative free and made from the freshest Australian ingredients.


A B Cheese

Product – Gourmet Cheeses

Our resident Italian and closet DJ, can sometimes be found swaying to the music at the market! Aside from his musical talents, Giorgio’s knowledge of charcuterie is incomparable and once you try his range of cheeses, you will never want to go anywhere else!

Giorgio ensures that he only selects and matures the finest cheeses  from Italy, Spain and France!

Additional Products :

Cold meats – bresaola, prosciutto, ham, etc

Spanish Chorizo

Crackers, preserved fruits and everything else you need to make an attractive charcuterie platter


Rita’s Farm Fresh Produce

Product – Organic Fruit & Veg

Rita started the business in 2005 from humble beginnings, with a small family car and a few boxes of fresh herbs and veggies from the farm, that she took to a local market. With a passion for organic farming and trying new things, Rita’s Farm Produce has flourished under her watch.

Rita’s representative Eric, is at Turra Produce every Wednesday with a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables!


Duck’s Cottage

Product – Natural Soaps

Ross is zealous about ensuring that his business is both ethical and sustainable: he pours love into his products and even the shortest conversation with him will leave you filled with new knowledge on everything from the benefits of the ingredients in his range to art, music and travel.

Duck’s Cottage is dedicated to hand crafting natural soap products using a combination of ancient and modern techniques from around the world. Each product contains all natural and organic ingredients.

Additional Products :

Shaving Soap

Laundry Detergent

Body Lotion


J & J Coffee

Product – Coffee

Believe it or not, our coffee is made by Jacky Chan the Kung Fu instructor! Our multi-talented barista is a Jack of many trades!

Jacky pours an aromatic coffee with a side of humour.

Additional Products :


Hot Chocolate

Soft Drinks


Pardon My French Creperie

Product – Crepes & Galettes

Charles is the quinessential Frenchman, serving up delicious crepes & galettes, with a flourish!

His savoury. gluten-free galettes are finely balanced masterpieces, whilst each bite of his sweet crepes are a delicious burst of flavour.

C & M Wholesale Plants

Product – Plants

Craig is the market’s gentle giant, soft spoken by nature, he is unquestionably the plant whisperer and he is yet to meet a plant that he could not grow.

Craig’s vast collection will cater to all your gardening needs from the practical fruits, vegetables and herbs, to the decorative flowers, succulents and cacti.

If Craig is not at the market, his equally knowledgeable wife, Maryann will be able to help you out.


Bel’s Churros & Chorizo

Product – Churros and South American-inspired Burgers

When she is not cooking, Bel is an enthusiastic advocate for chemical-free, sustainable living, and she is obsessed with being grammatically correct!

Bel’s vegan churros are made fresh on site and served with chocolate dipping sauce; she also makes her own chorizo and signature chimichurri.

Additional Products :

Haloumi Burger



Active With Style

Products – Athleisure wear

Tanya’s energetic personality is the ideally suited to her business. 

Just as her business name denotes, Tanya’s range of activewear is both functional and stylish all at once.

Belicious Foods

Product – Spices and Sauces

Bel’s unconventional approach to just about everything, combined with her life’s journey have enabled her to formulate a delectable, versatile range of sauces and spices that can be used to cook anything from vegetables to seafood and meats.

She is devoted to ensuring that she lives a more sustainable existence, both in her personal life, as well as in her business. Bring back your empty jars; Bel will be happy to re-use them!